Good Garbage with Ved Krishna

Nature-Inspired Solutions for Flexible Packaging with Sven Seevers

Episode Summary

How does nature model creative solutions to circular economy challenges? Find out in this episode with Sven Seevers, co-founder and CTO of Repaq.

Episode Notes

Hello, hello! Sven Seevers is co-founder and CTO of Repaq, a developer, designer, and distributor of regenerative flexible packaging solutions. Based in Germany, Repaq’s compostable products tackle one of the most challenging problems with plastic-free packaging: multilayer flexible films. After watching a TEDx Talk by Cradle2Cradle co-founder Dr. Michael Braungart, Sven was inspired to quit his corporate job and start the company with the help of his wife and best man. In today’s conversation, Sven explains that we need to look to nature for creative solutions to circular economy challenges.

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